Carpark Accessories



Within car parks, driveways, or other areas that vehicles frequent, you may not always have staff present to control traffic. This is why speed humps are necessary: they are traffic calming devices that slow down vehicles to allow pedestrians and cars to share space and manage their movements. They also help control a driver’s speed, which then reduces the risk of car park incidents. Speed humps keep spaces like car parks safe at all times.

Walmay are your partners in ensuring maximum safety in your spaces, whether that’s your building interiors or your car parks. Add our Urban rubber speed humps to your car park accessories today.

Speed Humps Designed for Durability

At Walmay, we pay careful attention to detail when designing and manufacturing our products. We understand that speed humps need to be extremely heavy-duty and long-lasting, as all sorts of vehicles of different sizes or weights may interact with them.

Speed Humps: Australian Standards-Compliant

We designed our speed hump according to Australian standards. You can trust our high-grade poly speed humps to resist impact without fading or cracking.

Walmay: Your Partners in Quality Architectural Products

Our Urban range offers a complete selection of car park accessories. Whether you need metal speed humps or rubber speed humps, we can provide you with a full-service solution. Download our brochure today to learn more.