Street Furniture


Bike Racks

Using bikes is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to get around. Companies and local governments are encouraging people to use bikes more often, as it takes up less road space and causes zero road pollution.

At Walmay, we are committed to helping designers create safe and accessible built environments for people, whether they travel on foot or by bike. To make it easier for people to use their bikes, durable bike racks must be present in key areas. Choose yours from Walmay’s Urban range: we have bike garage racks available in different sizes and designs.

Standard or Vertical Bike Rack

Depending on how much space you allocate for bike racks, you can choose between our standard bike racks or wall-hanging bike rails. To accommodate your needs, they come in different sizes, designs, and number of bays.

Bike Racks Manufactured from High-Grade Materials

Our bike racks are available in either galvanised or stainless steel and come complete with all fixings. You can trust that bike garage racks from Walmay’s Urban range can resist weather conditions and wear-and-tear.

Walmay: Your Partners in Quality Architectural Products

If you want to provide bike racks for your employees, students, or pedestrians in general, Walmay can provide you with quality products as well as professional installation where required. For more information, download our brochures today.