Carpark Accessories



When building a car park outdoors, pedestrians and vehicles have to share the space. Car park bollards are installed in key locations, usually along a line, to indicate a boundary between pedestrian and vehicle areas. As your partners in building safe car parks in outdoor built environments, Walmay has got a full range of parking bollards to suit your needs.

Permanent or Removable/Retractable Bollards

Our range of safety bollards includes either permanent or removable bollard types. Retractable bollards offer flexibility for property owners, allowing them to remove or reinstall their bollards depending on how they want to control access in the area. Permanent bollards, on the other hand, made from weather-resistant material and installed securely, offer full-time access restrictions.

Strong and Sturdy Car Park Bollards

Whether you choose concrete bollards or stainless steel bollards, bollards from Walmay’s Urban range offer maximum protection from ram raids and other possible threats to building safety. You may also order specific colours or add accessories like chain lugs, chains, and padlocks.

Walmay: Your Partners in Quality Architectural Products

You can find Walmay’s car park bollards across Sydney and other areas in Australia. When it comes to building safe spaces, you can count on our help. Download our brochures today for more information, or speak with our team.