Carpark Accessories


Corner Guards

If you are building multi-level car parks where concrete columns are present, you would need to add parking corner guards to your columns. Parking garage corner guards offer added safety to your property.

In the event of car park incidents such as when vehicles park incorrectly or speed across the car park, hitting your car park columns, these rubber or stainless steel corner guards will prevent or reduce damage caused by impact.

Wall Corner Protectors Made from High-Grade Material

The garage corner protectors from Walmay’s Urban range are manufactured out of high-impact natural rubber or stainless steel. They include reflectorised yellow tape for increased visibility.

Available in Square or Round-Nosed

Our corner guards come in different designs and other specifications. Speak to the Walmay team if you need more information about our products or you need help deciding which corner guards or other Urban car park accessories suit your requirements best.

Walmay: Your Partners in Quality Architectural Products

Car park accessories from Walmay’s Urban range offer maximum safety and security for the pedestrians and vehicles that will later use your space. Not only that, they come in a clean, functional design that provides clear visual cues. Download our brochures to check out our parking corner guard product specifications.