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Anti-Slip Stair Nosings and Transition Trims

At Walmay, our mission is to help architects, designers, builders, engineers, and contractors build a safe environment. We understand that safety is in the details, and stair nosings are great examples of that. Stepmaster stair nosings make stairs safer to use while adding visual appeal. Our Stepmaster anti-slip stair nosings have been added onto the staircases of retail chains, schools, stadiums, public buildings, and other establishments across Australia.

Stepmaster Stairnosings

Step Master offers a comprehensive range of architecturally designed stair nosing profile’s insert and cover trims to meet every demand, from heavy duty traffic including general retail/office use providing maximum pedestrian safety and WHS requirements.

100 Series Stairnosings

4 bar carborundum anti-slip abrasive insert designed for heavy duty use in high traffic conditions.

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200 Series Stairnosings

Full bar of solid carborundum providing the ultimate in Antislip surfaces, designed for the harsh internal and external conditions.

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300 Series Stairnosings

Ribbed Santoprene insert which gives a quiet, soft underfoot non-slip surface for internal installation.

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400 Series Stairnosings

High impact abrasive carborundum tape insert offering a more cost effective option for non-slip stair nosing requirements.

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700 Series Stairnosings

Ribbed anti-slip aluminium insert with refined architectural design in high traffic conditions.

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900 Series Stairnosings

4 Bar anti-slip aluminium insert with clean architectural designed lines in high traffic areas.

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Stepmaster Stairnosing Inserts

500 Series Inserts

The Stepmaster range at Walmay offers a range of stairnosings in different designs, colours, and profiles to suit your aesthetic and safety requirements.

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800 Series Tape

Made with heavy-duty construction and designed for easy installation with self-adhesives, Walmay’s Stepmaster abrasive carborundum tapes offer ultimate safety.

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Transition Trims

Cover Trims

Cover Trims are designed to span two different floor finishes and height variances.

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Reducing Trims

Reducing Strips are used to build up the difference between substrates and floor finishes to remove the trip hazard.

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Offset & Finishing Trims

Offset Trims are installed over floor finishes which have uneven finished floor levels.

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Choose from Our Full Range of Stair Nosings

We understand that your choice of stair nosings depend on a number of factors: whether they are for indoor or outdoor use, how much foot traffic is expected in the area, what kind of look your designers want to achieve, and more. That’s why we offer a full range of options for you to choose from.

Transition Trims

Our Stepmaster range offers a wide selection of clear anodised aluminium Tile to Carpet transition trims as well. Choose from our cover trims, reducing trims, or offset & finishing trims. They come in different lengths and shapes and can be surface-mounted or recessed.

Mix and Match

Do you prefer rubber, aluminium, or metal stair nosings? What colour best suits your space’s colour scheme? No matter your preferences, our Stepmaster stair nosings offer fully interchangeable base profiles, inserts, and colours.

Walmay: Your Partners in Quality Architectural Flooring

When it comes to non-slip stair nosings or transition floor trims, Walmay is the partner your team needs. We can customise your products, deliver fast, and install them for you. To learn more about our products and services, feel free to download our Stepmaster brochure.